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Danielle Stock, Owner

Danielle (Waugh) Stock, avid runner and Division 1 competitor, has always had a passion for fitness.  Danielle, while working in the mundane corporate life of accounting needed a change, and wanted to do something to help others feel good about themselves, meet new people, and feel fulfilled.  She studied personal training in order to learn the physiology behind how the body operates and received various fitness certifications to fulfill that passion. She started teaching spin classes in 2010 in Wilmington, but her true love is barre. Danielle earned her Barre certification in Baltimore and became the first instructor to bring barre classes to Delaware in 2011.  She created "Skinnybarre" and taught in numerous fitness studios around the Wilmington area.   In 2015, she opened up her first studio, Lovering Studio.  Danielle expanded Lovering's class offerings by bringing in other instructors.  In 2018, Danielle brought on Ashley as a partner to co-own Lovering Studio.  Together they attended numerous conferences to learn about new state-of-the-art equipment and lead the way in the fitness industry.   In 2022, Danielle closed the doors on Lovering - her first business she poured her heart into.  Danielle and Ashley evolved and rebranded to create Dynamic MVMT Studio.  
Danielle believes in keeping things fresh and being creative (although sometimes crazy)- so expect her classes to utilize BOSU trainers, hamstring gliders, or multiple pieces of equipment all at once, and still have a barre flair (lots of holds and pulses).  Don’t expect a lot of breaks in her classes and you’ll be sure to hear those 80’s/90’s EDM remixes as you enter the doors.

Favorite Piece of Equipment: TRX & Gliders 


Training Certifications:

SoulBody Barre

Balanced Body Mat Pilates

AFAA/NASM Group Fitness

Level 1 and 2 Core First Trainer

Oh Baby Fitness

CPR/First Aid/AED

TRX and Rip Trainer 


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