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Ashley Paoli Kapes brings more than 14 years of personal training experience and a background in health sciences to Dynamic MVMT. She earned her personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in 2009 and a B.S. in Health Behavior Science with a Minor in Business Management from the University of Delaware in 2012.  For 5 years, Ashley worked as a performance specialist at a top fitness studio in Wilmington, DE where she specialized in personal and semi-private training focusing programs based around the TRX. Ashley has spent the last 6 years of her career at one of the largest health care providers in the mid-Atlantic region performing fitness assessments to identify patient needs, designing and instructing personalized exercise programs while monitoring client vital responses, and developing balance and fall prevention classes for older adults. In November 2015, Ashley joined Lovering Studio creating and designing a new dynamic TRX semi-private class. Ashley partnered with Danielle to become co-owner of Lovering in August of 2018. With both their passions combined, SkinnybarreX was created (a fusion of Skinnybarre and TRX). In April 2020, Ashley & Danielle were the first instructors in the world to conduct CoreFirst small group classes.

Ashley is certified in TRX Functional Training and CPR/First Aid/AED.  She recently became CoreFirst qualified & completed the CoreFirst 2.0 course to become the first group of Certified  COREFIRST coaches.  She was also featured on Core First LIVE as one of the first fitness professionals to bring CoreFirst workouts into clients homes from around the world.




Danielle (Waugh) Stock, avid runner and Division 1 competitor, has always had a passion for fitness. Years of pounding pavement, fast sprints and power lifting left her body injury prone and fatigued. She realized she needed to diversify her workouts in order to notice a change, and wanted to share her findings with others. Danielle studied personal training in order to learn the physiology behind how the body operates. She started teaching spin classes in 2010 in Wilmington, but her true passion is barre. She loves how just three pound weights can get the same muscle sculpt without the bulk and muscle deterioration of power lifting, so after getting certified and teaching in Baltimore, she became the first instructor to bring it to Delaware in September 2011. The combination of running, cross training, high intensity, TRX, and barre has proven to be what has kept her body in shape, so the next logical step was to open her own studio that would allow practitioners to not only have barre and TRX, but a great cardio workout as well - and Lovering Studio, her first baby, was born.
Fast forward, Ashley, a long time student, introduced Danielle to TRX and instantly she fell in love with it.  The two attended the TRX Summit in 2016 and the concept of Skinnybarre-X was born, combing all concepts into one.  Ashley became an owner in Lovering soon after. Trying to keep one step up in the fitness industry, Danielle and Ashley have worked together to bring CoreFirst and Rip Trainer to the studio - both have explosive and dynamic power - this brings her back to her days as a college competitor and adds that cardio element.  The next logical step was to combine barre with these apparatuses, and CoreFirst Barre and Barre Rip'd were invented.  Danielle believes in keeping things fresh, and being creative (maybe sometimes crazy)- so expect her classes to utilize BOSU trainers, hamstring gliders, or multiple pieces of equipment all at once.

Together, this dynamic DUO, have expanded, rebranded, and moved locations to give you Dynamic MVMT Studio.  


Danielle holds certifications in SoulBody Barre, Balanced Body Mat Pilates, AFAA/NASM Group Fitness, Level 1 and 2 Core First Trainer, Oh Baby Fitness, CPR/First Aid/AED, and is qualified on the TRX and Rip Trainer.  

When not in the studio, this crazy hyper- cookie baking- sailor mouth- EDM blasting cardio junkie- multi-tasking mama works full time in Accounting and Finance, and resides in Delaware with her husband, two dogs and two children.




For Melissa Doherty Borkowski, athletics and exercise have always been a fun and essential part of life. Though the “activity” itself has changed with each chapter of her life, the importance of it has only grown. Whether it be sports, marathon training, performance training in studio, or now working out from home with two little ones, fitness has always been a positive constant in Melissa’s life.  Melissa graduated from the University of Delaware in 2009 with a bachelor of science in Marketing and began a career in pharmaceutical sales at Eli Lilly shortly after. Although she loved everything about her job and company, she decided it was best for her family for her to stay home with her daughters for a few years after having her second (Emerson & Grayson).  During this time she leaned on home-exercise more than ever for her “me time” her calm amongst the constant chaos, and her solution to feeling like her old self. After reconnecting with Ashley, and falling in love with the CoreFirst trainer she decided to follow her lifelong passion and pursue a fitness role at Lovering Studio.


Melissa is a  Level 1 and 2 CoreFirst instructor. She plans to bring new and exciting CoreFirst classes to the Lovering family, online and beyond!

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