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Ashley Paoli Kapes, Owner

Danielle Stock, Owner

Melissa Doherty, Lead Instructor

Our Story


We love showing up everyday to live out our passion! 


Danielle and Ashley met in a fitness class back in 2014. An instant bond was created and it's been history since then.  Their personalities compliment each other.  The high-energy, spitfire & the extraverted, creative enthusiast!  Together they share a love for fitness and teaching. 


Danielle opened her first studio doors at Lovering Studio in 2015 being Delaware's first Barre class.  Ashley joined as an instructor in 2016, introducing TRX Suspension group classes. In 2017 Ashley & Danielle attended a TRX  Training Summit, opening their eyes to the potential of what they could create together.  TRX Barre Fusion  (Delaware's OG) was developed, combining our two teaching strengths together.  Ashley became an owner in 2018.


In 2022, they knew it was time to begin a new chapter in their story and elevate the business.  They were ready to challenge themselves and reach new heights their professional careers. Ashley & Danielle rebranded and opened up Dynamic MVMT Studio in July 2022. Together, they run it all - the business, creating exercise programs, & instructing classes. 


We are proud of the community we have built and cannot wait for you to experience it for yourself!  Explore our page to see everything we have to offer.  We look forward to seeing you in class!

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