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dianne c.

"I am proud of my age - 66! I continue to be challenged at Dynamic MVMT Studio, despsite the fact that I have been a member for years. The instructors are all excellent and the variety of classes are amazing. The energy in the studio is friendly, upbeat and lively. I can't say enough positive things!"

amanda l.

"Great variety of classes. Class sizes are small so you get individualized attention without paying for a personal trainer. The community is supportive and fun!"

erin a.

Everyone has to start somewhere…if you have been contemplating starting a workout routine, this is hands down the best studio with amazingly thoughtful and talented instructors. Everyone is on their own personal journey which means there is no intimidation…ever. The quick 45 minute classes offered in the morning, afternoon, and evening allow you to pick what works best for you. I am thrilled that I have made Dynamic MVMT a part of my lifestyle. Trust me…investing in yourself is worth it!

laurie m. 

"I am constantly challenged with new, exciting and diverse workouts from the instructors. I always leave class feeling stronger and refreshed.

The community is supportive and keeps me motivated to achieve my fitness goals." 

laura h.

"The studio is such a welcoming and supportive environment. Even when you’re gone for a week or months, the instructors are excited to have you back. The instructors get to know you on a personal level. They are great at modifying or increasing the level of an activity so you can continue the exercise. I love that they encourage you to work harder." 

courtney m.

"My exercising was limited while I was pregnant with my twins. All the instructors were great and provided alternative exercises I could do while pregnant. After having the twins, going back to the studio was a stress reliever and helped me get back into a routine. I had a difficult pregnancy and the support from everyone meant a lot and not something that you get from many studios or gyms."

jess m. 

It's the only thing I will wake up at 
6AM on a Friday or 8:30AM on a Saturday to do!

sara k. 

The classes are always fun, challenging and different. Danielle and Ashley provide such a unique twist to barre and trx it keeps you coming back.

lauren g. 

"Awesome small class studio that will make you feel like you have a one on one personal trainer."

rebecca l. 

"The environment is warm, inviting, and challenging with a diverse group of women all with different health goals." 
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